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Daventry Indoor Bowling Club Match Reports

13 October 2021

Daventry V Avon Valley

The first game of the season against Avon Valley saw Daventry claim their first win  106 - 78. Captain Sue Pernyes said it was good to be back playing Bowls after such a long absence caused by the pandemic. Daventry’s  highest winning rink was awarded to Adge Smith, Chris Long and Brian Gelder.

5 September 2021

Daventry V Kingsthorpe

It was good to get back to play in a friendly bowls game against another club. The recent games were both against Kingsthorpe at home and away, it would appear that we still need a lot of practise as we lost both games. The away game was only lost by a few shots, so thinking we would do better at home, my high hopes came tumbling down. After 10 ends we just had the lead, then we stopped for tea and cake and the game changed as it always does after refreshment. Regrettably we lost! There are no more matches until the start of the new season, so let’s get plenty of practise before then. Looking forward to seeing you all October.

14 March 2020

Daventry V Kingsthorpe 65-76

Daventry County League Squad can be proud of this years performance with all those involved having their best result for many years.

Rink 1: Brian Scott, Trevor Taylor and Tony Dicks [12] T Wellburn [26]

Rink 2: Richard Taylor, Kip Frankson and Terry Fuller [18] T Chapman [13]

Rink 3: Steve Bond, Philip Daynes and Michael Moulton [19] D Lewis [18]

Rink 4: Mark Lakey, John Worthington and Mick Worthington [16] M Sharpe [19]

01 March 2020

Daventry v Northampton and District. 67 – 84

The Daventry Ladies had an enjoyable afternoon playing against a very strong Northampton team and as a result lost by 17 shots. However the afternoon was finished of with delicious homemade cakes and tea. The Daventry team did have a highest winning rink and Captain Margaret Daynes awarded this to Caroline Dobbie, Vicki Worthington and Joan Watts.

Rink 1: Wendy O’Connor, Janet Matthews and Brenda Bishop [15] L Babb [17]

Rink 2: Jeanette Taylor, Patricia Symonds and Jill Welch [9] C Elston [19]

Rink 3: Margaret Daynes, Sylvia Inglis and Shirley Shucksmith [7] G Crossley [25]

Rink 4: Hazel Wallage, Jeanne Hodgkinson and Jacqueline Lancaster [13] B Astle [13]

Rink 5: Caroline Dobbie, Vicki Worthington and Joan Watts [23] G Jocliff [11]

Daventry gave a good account of themselves against strong opposition from the other Northamptonshire Clubs. Success came from the team skipped by Mick Worthington and a noteable draw from the team skipped by Michael Moulton. 3 of the other rinks were in contention for periods of their games but were unable to get over the line.

Thomason Trophy

Considering the number of players not available to the selectors this was a noble effort. Thanks for your support.

Rink 1: B Spreadbury, Mick Isom, Tony Dicks and Mick Worthington [23] [14]

Rink 2: David Chambers, Chris Jalland, Malcolm Foster and Alan Davies [4] [26]

Rink 3: Geoffrey Elliman, Richard Taylor, Kip Frankson and Terry Fuller [13] [24]

Rink 4: Steve Waters, Brian Jones, Alan Gardner and Michael Moulton [20] [20]

Rink 5: Steve Cale, John Hodgkinson, Steve Bond and Philip Daynes [14] [26]

Rink 6: Adge Smith, Richard Holland, Mark Lakey and Brian Scott [17] [24]

28 February 2020

Tipler Rose Daventry v Kettering

Daventry team reach County Final

The Daventry Over 60 team, skipped by Mick Worthington, reached the County Final of the Tipler Rose Bowl competition with a comprehensive 29-14 win over a strong Kettering squad skipped by Allen Simms.

The Daventry team started well and led 10-3 after five ends. They scored five shots on both the seventh and eighth ends and effectively killed off the game as a contest. They led 22-6 after ten ends and, although Kettering scored four shots on the thirteenth end, the Daventry squad immediately replied with four on the fourteenth end to lead 25-11. Kettering scored a total of three shots on ends fifteen and sixteen but at that stage conceded the match.

The Daventry team will play a Northampton team in the County Final which will be in Daventry this year over the weekend of 20-22 March.

Rink 1: Tony Dicks, John Worthington, Patrick Clerkin and Mick Worthington [29] A Simms [14]

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