DIBCs charity fundraising plans

DIBCs charity fundraising plans

Prior to the COVID lockdown in 2020, the Bowls Committee had agreed that DIBC should be doing more for Charity.  Unfortunately, any plans at the time were scuppered by events.

The plans at the time, were:

  • Proceeds from book donations would be donated to charity.  Members may have noticed that new books have recently been introduced to both the changing rooms with the intention that they are recycled so that all members have the opportunity to enjoy.  We would ask members to donate any new books they think others may enjoy.
  • It was agreed that one if not two competitions would be identified where the proceeds would also go to Charity.  This would include rink fees and raffle prizes given specifically for these events.  Yet to be identified.
  • It was proposed that the Club run another annual quiz, last run over the winter period of 2013/2014.  This is in the process of being prepared and will be available throughout November 2021 ready for Christmas.


All the proceeds from the above for the coming year will go to the Charity for,

Thank you in advance for your support.

Bowls Committee

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